Presale NFT before launch :
No Whitelist, Just ETH
Unlock Your Collection's Potential with Our Platform: Fan Engagement, No-Code Tools, and Designer Collaboration

Why MoonPier

Presale NFTs with ETH, not collecting whitelist

Our Moonfish protocol enables you to presale your collection and gather ETH before it is deployed.

No Third-Party Control Presale Fund

Your funds will be stored in a secure contract and can be withdrawn in stages under the supervision of the fan community.

True supporters but not followers

Instead of chasing 10,000 Twitter or Discord followers, launch your collection with the support of just 100 true fans.

Create With MoonPier

How MoonPier Works

1. Create Collection
Create Collection

Our platform streamlines the creation process with a user-friendly interface and assists you in bringing your unique idea to life with ease.

2. Make supporter VIP with presale
Make Supporter VIP With Presale

Our innovative presale mechanism allows you to iterate and perfect your collection while saving you precious gas fees. Not only that, it enables your top fans to support you early on in the process.

3. Launch your collection
Launch your collection

Easily build and deploy your collection using our No-Code tool. It includes features like layer picture generation, whitelist management, and airdrop list management.


Small Collection
1-50 edition
5% of Presale Pool
  • Same image drop
  • Presale goal limit: 1 ETH
  • Presale duration limit: 1 month
Regular Collection
51-1000 edition
10% of Presale Pool
  • Layer image generator
  • Presale goal limit: 10 ETH
  • Presale duration limit: 2 month
Special Collection
for more customized settings
Let’s talk
  • Layer image generator
  • Customized airdrop settings
  • Mint page of your own
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